Thank you so much for your interested in Prescott Integrated Skin Care!

I have been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years and I love that so much of my past experience and educational background can be directly applied to my skin care practice. My experience in the health care field, my intimate knowledge of anatomy/physiology, and my background in coaching methods, counseling, bodywork, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, and clinical instructing have given me an expansive foundation from which to be able to provide you with professional and quality care for your skin.


   Educational C.V.

    Rogers Academy of Beauty, Esthetics Program

    Edison of Nutrition, Introduction to Holistic Nutrition

    West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy 600 hours

    Colorado Therological Seminary, MA, Christian Counseling.

    Daemen College, Physical Therapy, 1998.

    Coaching Methods, Myofascial release, Various bodywork courses,

          International primary health care


   With advanced esthetics training in the areas of:

    Microneedling/ Collagen Induction Therapy

    Pastiche Method of Advanced Skin Analysis

    LED Light Therapy


    2019 The Skin Games, Las Vegas, NV

              1st Place- Student Category


I am excited to carry products from:

      GlyMed Plus

      DermMed Solutions Skin Care

      Nature Pure Labs

      Grande Cosmetics.

These are really amazing, high quality, results driven lines!  You will love them as much as I do!

Amazing products from Jan Marini, Latisse, Skinceuticals, Jane Iredale, and  Farmhouse Fresh are also available for purchase!!


Welcome- To welcome each guest with kindness, respect, and gratitude.


Down-to-Earthness- To minimize marketing hype and lackluster treatments that have been associated with the beauty industry.  To provide a more clinical and sanitary treatment environment.  However, if you’re getting a European Facial, you do get some fluff!

Scientific Basis:  Professional skin care should be rooted in an intimate knowledge of the skin at cellular and systemic level.  For long term results care should be scientifically founded, logically planned, and not use current fads as marketing ploys.

Client Education:  Ongoing care must focus on education the client in a way that will lead to functional change and result int he desired outcomes.

Collaboration:  A collaboration between the therapist and the client- with the client holding the bulk of the responsibility in abiding by an appropriate skin care routine

as guided by the skin therapist.

Client Commitment:  Optimal skin health does not happen in one or two sessions, but is part of a clinical treatment regime developed after a thorough assessment.  Results happen when a solid plan is followed over time.

Skin Wellness- To focus on clients’ skin as it relates to their overall lifestyle and wellness.  To give the body what it needs to promote the desired results, without "over treating."


Education- To continue my education and research in order to become a master in skin care knowledge. My goal is to accurately recommend and supply a home care program customized to each client.

Incorporation- To incorporate the skills I have honed in over 20 years as a physical therapist, and mature my business into a truly integrated wellness practice that includes holistic treatments and offers cleaner product lines.


Prescott Integrated Skin Care is an independent business located within Z Brow Bar in the Old Firehouse Plaza, just off the beautiful Courthouse Square in Prescott, Arizona.  Please note the PISA and Z Brow Bar do not share a service and fee menu.

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